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Buying, Selling & Trading in modern and vintage collectible timepieces

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Buying Watches

We’re an iconic Melbourne institution with a genuine passion for second hand watches.

If you have found something of interest we have in stock and you want information we have not included, or are wanting to know where to go from here, then please read on for information regarding pricing, payment, shipping, trading and other details. Any other details we may have not covered that you want to find out about, please email at anytime.

Prices stated include Australian GST which is applicable for local purchases. International purchases do not include this tax. Please email for more information if unsure whether your purchase is GST inclusive or exclusive.

We always prefer to speak in person before any payments are made and we are happy to call anywhere in Australia or around the world at our expense to discuss the terms and conditions.

Payment options within Australia: Direct bank transfer/deposit (preferred), credit cards (VISA, MC to approved customers only if the card is not present, this can incur additional fees), cheque (goods are only released after cheques are cleared, bank cheques included) and cash is always accepted.
International Payment options: We only accept bank transfers or Paypal for international customers.

Within Australia we usually ship goods by Australia Post Platinum Express at our expense which also includes full insurance cover. Other carriers can be used upon request which may incur additional charges for both shipping and insurance.

International shipping is provided preferably by EMS International Courier and pricing will be determined by item value and location. Other carriers can be used upon request (eg. Fedex) and again location and item value will determine cost. Please email for quotes. The recipient of goods shipped internationally is responsible for any local customs or tax charges.

Trading watches:
We will consider almost any timepiece as a trade (whether or not it is something for us will be decided) and you can forward further details about a piece through our ‘Selling/Trading Watches’ page. As for the trade itself some conditions to consider are below:

Any piece being considered for trade will be given a value against the listed retail price of the piece of interest. This price is only indicative until a physical inspection has occurred of the intended trade item.

A piece will need to be forwarded to The Watch Gallery for final inspection if a personal visit is not possible. This would be at the cost of the owner, with insurance also being their responsibility. Return costs of the goods, including insurance, if terms are not agreed upon will be covered by The Watch Gallery.

Other details to consider:
All watches on offer are guaranteed 100% original and if delivered within Australia are covered by our 12 month Watch Gallery mechanical warranty. Further warranty conditions depend on an individual piece which age, condition and original capabilities will determine what is also covered. So please email about a piece of interest directly for full warranty conditions.

As all watches on offer are pre-owned, pre-loved, second hand, etc, there has to be consideration that any imperfections, marks or minor details that may have been overlooked in the online description can happen. If a condition report is in question please email or call for an immediate resolution.

If goods have been received damaged or not as described the recipient has 2 days to make contact to start arrangements to have the item returned. In the case of goods being damaged by the shipping carrier the return cost and insurance of the item is bore by the recipient.

In the case of a damaged, lost or missing item, a full inquiry through the shipping carrier will be performed and resolved before an insurance claim can be lodged to have a refund issued.