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Buying, Selling & Trading in modern and vintage collectible timepieces

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Selling/Trading Watches

Want to sell your watch for cash? We are continually seeking new retail stock to either purchase outright or trade in – including items from well-known Swiss brands which are vintage or modern, collectable or every day timepieces that we will offer on through our walk-in and online retail space. We are also on an eternal quest to find pieces which might be bruised, battered or are just simply so obscure we haven’t been able to mention them and which is one you may actually have – so read on to find out more.

Yes, we are seeking retail pieces that are either current, five, 10 or 30 year old models as well as highly sought after rare recent or vintage models from well known brands that demand prices that could pay for a nice holiday or new car. We also buy simple pieces (usually from known brands) that may be in visually poor condition but may still have a parts or components value.

So – if you have a piece you are wanting to move on, or one that is being sacrificed to fund a new acquisition, looking to liquidate a collection or have something you want to find out more about before giving it to the Salvos, then fill out the contact fields on this page, add photos if possible and we will be in touch…

Sell my watch for cash? Yes you can!